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Lead Generation & Business Growth Programe

A wonderful twelve week trip
without leaving your business …

... but only owners and professionals with imagination and flair can make it.

How is your business growing?

Would you like even more customers?

Do you wish you had more website visitors who actually make an enquiry and become customers?

Would you like to know more about advertising campaigns that consistently bring in a stream of new business?

And would you like more of your customers to buy from you again and again – and recommend their colleagues and friends?

If you answered 'Yes' to any of the above - read on. I have some exciting and timely news for you…

To help you move your business forward faster and more efficiently than ever before, I am taking the initiative to launch the first ever Common-Sense Marketing Academy. Here’s how you can benefit – without risk.

As you probably realise, you cannot run a successful business in today's ultra-competitive business environment unless you commit to becoming really excellent at your Marketing.

Each week for a period of twelve weeks I will be showing business owners and managers how to achieve profit increases of 50-250% or more using the most effective Marketing and Business Growth strategies I know, and which have been successfully used by virtually all of the world’s most profitable businesses.

During the course, you and I get to work together for twelve weeks to do everything necessary to make your business the success it is inherently capable of becoming. Full details are here:


This is an exceptional programme aimed at those who want to achieve exceptional results, and will prove invaluable for all businesses, whether you are a one person start-up – or a large organisation.

As part of the course, you get personal access to me to answer your most pressing marketing and business problems. Best of all, there's no travel involved. You get to do all this from the comfort of your home or office.

Here’s how the Common-Sense Marketing Academy works: Once a week for 12 weeks, you join me for an exclusive one hour telephone seminar where I show you everything you need to know to grow your business, attract large numbers of new customers and increase your profits in leaps and bounds.

The programme has been carefully designed to build a success-foundation based on the core concepts of business success, through a series of week-by-week interactive lessons which gradually build one upon the other, until you have a complete marketing strategy and plan of marketing activities ready for your business.

Each week we cover a key subject that is vital to your success. Our weekly telephone seminars begin with strategies titled “Why should I do business with you?” which covers the primary purpose of your business, your USP and your Core Story, plus “Getting business to come to you” including positioning your business as an expert, and how to incorporate Direct response rather than institutional marketing.

In following weeks we’ll cover subjects such as:

The right communications mix for your business

Getting your message across with powerful headline creation and effective Copywriting


Direct Mail

Internet Marketing and Pay per Click Advertising

Successful selling in person and on the telephone

… in fact all the subjects that are absolutely essential if your business is going to grow and thrive.

If you’ve never done a telephone seminar, they’re easy. You simply dial in from your home, office or mobile – and you’re on the seminar. No more time away from your business on long journeys; no more hotel bills. If you miss a seminar, they are all recorded so you can listen whenever and wherever you like.

Importantly, there is another vital element of the Academy which underpins the twelve weeks we are going to spend together (and guarantees that you can quickly and easily apply the strategies and methods we cover).

As well as the twelve weekly telephone seminars, I will make myself available to you to personally answer any questions or queries you have about your business and how to grow your profits. This happens on the exclusive Academy Members Only Marketing Forum, where you can also access a wide resource of additional business growth materials.

The strategies and methodologies we will cover together are already working for hundreds of other UK businesses. And that includes every type and size of business imaginable – manufacturing, retail and service-based.

The Common-Sense Marketing Academy will deliver dramatic revenue and profit increases for any business, including yours, because you will finally discover how to harness the exact business growth drivers that lead to increased sales revenues and profits.

Even if you’re skeptical (and in this over-hyped world you have every right to be), but you do seriously desire to be more successful in business, then you owe it to yourself to investigate this programme thoroughly and then decide if it’s right for you.

Full details, including my results triple guarantee are here:


If you have any questions or would like to book by phone, call 01692 538 800.

Please check it out for yourself, here:


Best wishes

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Richard Lomax


P.S. The Common-Sense Marketing Academy places will fill up fast. All the details are online at http://www.Common-Sense-Marketing.com/Academy, or you can call 01692 538 800.